I am proud to present the websites I have created and/or manage on behalf of clients:

  • Janet Anscombe In Tenerife
    An invaluable source of local news and extensive information in English, "In Tenerife" is daily browsing for many residents and visitors to Tenerife and is recognised by Spanish authorities as an official press publication.
  • Colles.cc
    C. Colles is a language teacher in Tenerife, specialising in private and group classes for students of English. "Colles.cc" serves as both his internet portal and as an online learning hub for students.
  • The Legal Information Hub
    Launching soon.

Please take a look at the following websites which I created, own and manage in addition to this one:

  • ChalkCat
    An active general discussion forum built using SMF software and heavily modified to suit the needs and preferences of our members.
  • Nova's Haven
    My sporadically-updated blog, created with Wordpress and used for playing with CSS among other things.
  • Aspie Bubble
    Another site built with SMF but with a different purpose and feel. The forum section is private but users can control their own privacy settings for blogs and media.

Other Projects

Since April 2013 I have been an active member of the SMF support team, providing support on a volunteer basis to users of the Simple Machines Forum software. As such I can be found on the simplemachines.org team page under the alias "ChalkCat".

I am currently undertaking the online course Introduction to Computer Science with Udacity, which provides a solid foundation in Python programming language.