Welcome to the info-hub for Nova Howard!

Thank you for taking the interest to find out more about me and my unique combination of qualities, skills and experience.

My name is Nova Howard and I am a British woman living in Tenerife, Spain, with a natural talent for logical, analytical thinking, an eye for detail and exceptional focus and commitment. I have an honours degree in Mathematics with Spanish and a passion for technology, computing and website creation. This website is my info-hub, a dynamic CV to showcase my skills and talents.

So, what's special about me?

I think differently. I know that's a difficult claim to qualify, but I have the ability to analyse problems in ways that many other people can't. I see details that many other people miss and make sense of structures and patterns that many others don't even perceive.

I can separate logic from emotion, enabling me to evaluate situations objectively, so although I can be very passionate about my opinions and beliefs, my ability to assess external input on an analytical level means that rational arguments can enrich my perspective and change my stance. In other words, if new information gives me access to a better viewpoint I will change my opinions. I will not cling on to arguments that are shown to be flawed simply because of an emotional attachment to them.

What's exceptional about my focus?

Quite simply, when I'm doing something that interests me, I often become so engrossed that I continue the task until it is done, without even realising I have stayed up all night to do it. When I'm focused on a task, I can forget to eat and don't even notice my body complaining until I reach a natural break in the task itself and realise suddenly that I've been immersed for hours without any of the normal "comfort breaks". This means that I sometimes end up eating strange food combinations in the middle of the night but I have achieved some of my best work this way. When I'm concentrating on something and making good progress with it, why stop?